Knuckle Lights Continues Growth With New Product Launch

Knuckle Lights now has three versions available of their popular running lights, guaranteed to fit all safety lighting needs. Along with the Original version, the newly redesigned Knuckle Lights Advanced were so well received the company created an updated battery operated design: Knuckle Lights COLORS. With more choices and a variety of options, Knuckle Lights will be the perfect gift all seasons to keep you and your family safe and seen.

Knuckle Lights are the most effective and easy way to safely get out the door for that early morning or late night run or walk. You just grab them and go! Each unit straps across the front of the hand, in the perfect position to light your path and be seen by traffic.

Knuckle Lights are 2x brighter than similarly priced headlamps and produce a wide flood beam, that lights the entire area in front of you, providing smooth, even amount of illumination. Most headlamps and flashlights are spot beams.


Knuckle Lights are currently available online at the company’s website ( and many running specialty and outdoor stores in the United States (

Knuckle Lights COLORS are Here!

As you may have heard, our Knuckle Lights COLORS are finally here! We’ve been busy packaging and shipping and if you’ve pre-ordered you should have a bright, shining package on your front porch soon! If you haven’t ordered yet, it’s not too late!

Check out what makes our new COLORS so great…

Knuckle Lights are designed to be worn on the front of your hands, in a perfect position to light your path and be seen on your next walk or run in the dark. Knuckle Lights COLORS includes:

  • 2 LIGHTS PER SET — The units connect together magnetically. The soft silicone straps can be adjusted to fit any size hand and even over gloves.
  • 120 TOTAL LUMENS — The super bright lights provide a wide flood beam, providing a steady, even light in front of you that does not bounce around, even with your arms moving.
  • BATTERIES INCLUDED — Each Unit Operates on 1 X AA Battery.
  • WATERPROOF — Units can be used in any type of weather.

With Knuckle Lights you can confidently step out in the dark and SEE & BE SEEN.

And as always, FREE shipping with your order!

Summer Running Wish List

Hoka One One Ora Recovery Slide: Oh the relief after a long, hot summer run!

Oiselle Moleskine Notebook: We love keeping track of our miles and having a pretty notebook just aids the process!  

Rudy Project Synform: These sunglasses are so comfortable, you barely know you have them on and the stay right in place even when you start to sweat…

TIllamook Ice Cream “Recovery” Shakes: It may not be the nutritionists first pick, but a Tillamook Ice Cream milkshake really hits the spot!


Pendleton Chief Joseph Bath Towel: Great for use in the car, or to lay out in the backyard after a trail run!

Relay Race Preparations

For the Summer relay season we are brainstorming a few items we can put together to sell with Knuckle Lights to create the Ultimate Relay Pack. We’d love suggestions from our fans!

What would you like to see included in this pack?

If we included a running vest, would you prefer it to be with or without speakers or headphones?

How about additional lights, reflective gear, other safety items?

Most relays require a vest, a headlamp, Knuckle Lights or flashlight as well as two red blinking lights (one in front and one in back). We’d love to provide these important items altogether for ease of purchase and your overall convenience.

Please respond with your ideas to or comment directly under this blog or on any of our social platforms. Thanks in advance and run bright!

TeamTriChad & Knuckle Lights

We were lucky enough to be invited to ‘join’ Chad Esker of, Wausau, WI,  on his Epic5 journey!
By ‘join’, of course, I mean to say that we were able to provide Knuckle Lights and follow along on his gigantic athletic feat!
The Epic5 Challenge consists of 5 IronMan distance triathlons in 5 days on 5 different Hawaiian islands! Chad was chosen as 1 of (only) 10 international participants (including only 3 others from the USA).
We’re over the moon that he picked Knuckle Lights as his nighttime illumination!
The Challenge is complete, but feel free to revisit his adventure via his Instagram feed @teamtriChad

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