About Us

Knuckle Lights are the first and only lights designed to be worn on your hands, in the perfect position to light your path and be seen on your next run or walk in the dark. Our company was founded in 2011 and is located in West Linn, Oregon, a beautiful suburb of Portland.

Dan Hopkins

In 2010 I was training for a half marathon. My wife and I had a 6 month old child and the only time I could run was at 5am, long before the sun came up. I tried carrying a flashlight but didn't like having something in my hand while running. I tried a headlamp, the light was okay, but about a mile into the run my head would start to hurt--I wasn't comfortable having it strapped to my head and just didn’t like it. Also, it was winter in Oregon and very cold. When I exhaled, the steam from my breath would come between the light and my line of sight and I could not see the path in front of me.

I gave up on the headlamp but knew for safety that I needed to have a light. So I took my headlamp and strapped it around my hand. It worked well and I thought it would be cool to have one on each hand, so I bought another utility headlamp and had my first set of “Knuckle Lights.”

I would have been happy with the headlamps on my hands, but the straps were too big and not very comfortable. Also, the headlamps were spot beams and my arm swing caused a lot of movement of the beam. I thought a wide beam would be better, as it would light the whole area in front of me, instead of watching the spots of light bob around in front of me. So I scribbled a few designs, had a prototype made, which worked great, and here we are…

I made Knuckle Lights for people like me that don’t like wearing headlamps and refuse to carry a flashlight. If you like your headlamp or flashlight, that's great, I simply want to give runners another option. I would love to hear your feedback and stories about running in the dark, send me an email at dan@knucklelights.com!

Krissy Sonniksen
Social Media & Outreach Manager

Krissy manages all aspects of social media for the company, as well as working with relay events, bloggers and the press to help spread the word about Knuckle Lights to the running and walking community.

A competitive long distance runner from the age of 14, Krissy has run both for the University of Oregon as well as the University of East Anglia in Norwich England. Currently competing in Pacific Northwest races as well as Cascade Lakes Relays, she can't wait to share the new version of rechargeable Knuckle Lights with her running community.

Outside of running, Krissy loves to travel and spent 4 years in Scotland pursuing a Master's degree as well as traveling in and around Europe. Additionally she just returned from a long outdoor adventure in Alaska and is prepping for a journey to Iceland in the next year. Although both of her degrees are in Art History, she enjoys community outreach and the growing world of social and digital marketing.

She can't wait to hear how you use your Knuckle Lights to see and be seen, she can be reached at krissy@knucklelights.com.